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Lemon Wafer This delicious Lemon Wafer Cookie E Juice by Cookie King will make your mouth water with every vape....


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Lemon Wafer

This delicious Lemon Wafer Cookie E Juice by Cookie King will make your mouth water with every vape. This new dessert flavor by Dripmore, the makers of Candy King, was worth the wait. Packed with Lemon Wafer Cookie goodness and guaranteed to be your new all day vape.Grab yours today and see why it is one of the top new e juices to hit the vape scene

Strawberry Watermelon On Ice  By Candy King Eliquid

Strawberry Watermelon On Ice by Candy King Eliquid tastes like your favorite Bubba-licious strawberry and watermelon bubble gum with a menthol kick. This flavor is spot on and great for an all day vape.

Swedish on Ice

Swedish E-Liquid as you can imagine is a perfect rendition of our favourite red fish candy and this one is most definitely Swedish Chef approved.

Pink Squares - Candy King E Liquid 

Those fruity, chewy candies that we all know and love have some flavors that are more famous than others and the pink one is most definitely the superstar of the group. With Pink Squares by Candy King E Liquid you won't have to dig through the bag for these elusive little treasures anymore. Every inhale is a rush of vibrant, sweet fruity flavor that will have your senses going into overdrive. You're going to make this juice your new daily companion in no time!


Drip more is presents the signature Cookie King Ejuice collection with DVNK, delivering graham cracker cookies dunked in vanilla frosting to create one of the best cookie profile you have ever tried.

Cookie King

Choco Cream Ejuice by Cookie King features thin and crispy cookies stuffed with fresh whipped vanilla cream, offering the perfect cloud of sweet treat enjoyment! All you're missing is a cold glass of milk! Tackle your dessert cravings with this heavenly e-liquid that you won't want to miss out on!

Full Flavor Description

This flavor satisfies all those late night cravings of a midnight snack, because what's not to love about a chocolate creme sandwich cookie? A fresh batch of smooth and crispy cocoa cookies are whisked from the oven, sending out sugary whiffs to all who enter the kitchen. Once the cookies have cooled, they're shaved into thin and circular wafers, ready to receive a slathering of a rich and frothy cream filling. And what a cream filling it is! The vanilla cream features a creamy sweet buttercream mixed with imported Tahitian vanilla and softened sweet butter.

Smash the two together to create a mouthwatering dessert you'll want to skip dinner for! All that's missing is a tall glass of milk! Thick and puffy dessert clouds beg to billow from your drip tip, as you surround yourself with king-sized clouds. Cookie King reigns over the Kingdom of Cookies with a chocolate cookie in one hand and an ice cold glass of milk in the other. As you munch on this decadent flavor, you too can rule the roost of your own cloud kingdom. Take your vape taste buds on a cream-filled cookie cloud adventure with enticing chocolate and rich vanilla cream filling! 

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